BION TOKYO was established in Tokyo in October 2016
as a store specializing in handmade bags made with mainly cork.
Cork is a natural material made from the bark of cork oak tree.
Cork is stripped from its trunk many times without hurting the tree.
BION TOKYO was impressed by the gift from the great nature,
and regenerate a new life of cork with presenting some unique idea and design.
You can make your own story born from a gentle environment
whenever you may wear any BION TOKYO’s bag.
BION TOKYO believes the nature always celebrate and encourage you
whenever your life should be in the harmony with nature.


BION TOKYO aims to design a new world
with the harmony of the beauty for human and nature through the fashion.


BION TOKYO proposes cork as a new value material besides leather and fabric.
BION TOKYO creates an unique and sophisticated “CORK BAG”
that you cannot find it anywhere else.